MTP Services


Trading Apps for iOS, Android and Web

Best known for the quality of its UX Design and its front end trading applications, MTP provides off-the-shelf trading apps, which are easy to brand, with connectivity to popular trading platforms.


What we recommend, though, is an app that aligns with the bank or broker’s business model to deliver client acquisition and retention tools alongside the core trading functionality. In our view, in this millennial time, the bank or broker’s customer expects the entire lifespan of their relationship with them to be conducted through the medium of the mobile device. To achieve this the entire business needs to be aligned, and the technology must be there to serve it. MTP is ready to help make this happen.

Quotes widgets, Depth widgets, Chart widgets

Fully-customisable widgets which can all widgets can be connected to any market data source, as long as we can connect via FIX. We are already integrated with LMAX Exchange, MT4/5, Star Financial, GMEX, Gold-i, PrimeXM, EBS NEX, & others.


Market Data Analysis, Advanced Charting

 • Advanced charts including indicators, drawing tools for HMTL and Native iOS and Android.


• Serverside analysis tools, chart accumulation, trend monitoring, indicator generation.


• Market Ops monitoring tools and intranet websites, with Slack, JIRA, email, SMS and other integrations for alerting.

Global Service Delivery Platform

 • Global presence with server hardware in NY4, LD4, TY3 and other data centres.


• Market Data ingest and routing, processing and analytics, global delivery.


• Charts database and query systems for global access via CDN.


• High Speed message processing bus and connectivity tools allowing rapid development of market data and trading applications.


Half our business in 2018 was on the Back End

During 2018 MTP engineered and operate on our customer’s behalf a complete, large-scale, Deliverable FX system (back end and front end) for a major client. This is now in its third version and is heavily used by institutional traders around the world.


We also delivered a market data and smart order routing Bridge used by a Tier 1 bank, connecting via FIX on both sides for high frequency, low latency, trading and with a comprehensive administrative front end.

Any questions about our products?

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